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UO2 PC Gamer Cover

Ultima Online 2 - 2000

Freelancer Box

Freelancer - 2002

MMP Game Development - 2003

This comprehensive, insightful collection of articles is written by some of the industry’s best MMP developers, and provides a wealth of unique knowledge acquired while working in the MMP trenches.

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E&B Box

Earth & Beyond - 2003

UXO box

Ultima X: Odyssey - 2004

MMO2 book cover

MMP Game Development 2 - 2005

As the MMP game market continues to grow, new challenges and technology hurdles constantly emerge. Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2 is an all new volume in this successful series written …

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Medal of Honor: Airborne - 2005

MetaPlace (Acquired by Disney) - 2007

Yoville Screenshot

YoVille: The Original Ville! - 2008

RCK Baby

Roller Coaster Kingdom - 2009

PetVille Screenshot

PetVille Neighborhoods - 2010

CityVille Screenshot

CityVille - 2011

Zynga IPO

Zynga (IPO) - 2011

Lucky Puppy Logo

Lucky Puppy (Bootstrapped) - 2012

Lucky Puppy was the leading publisher of apps and chatbots on the KIK instant messenger platform.  At peak it hosted 1.5M monthly active users and 4k concurrent users.

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JAZ Game Loading Screen

Just Another Zombie Game (iOS) - 2013

Endless Runner & Gunner For iOS

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Kik Apps

KIK Instant Messenger Apps - 2014

Lucky Puppy Games rode the KIK roller coaster and became the leading publisher of apps on the platform in 2014 with top apps like Flirt, WouldYa, Who-am-I and everyone’s favorite …

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Cliff Hanger Screenshot

Cliff Hanger - 2015

Crowd Sourced Choose Your Own Adventure Comics for Mobile

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Decentraland (ICO) - 2018